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am a multi-industry experienced Organisation Development professional and have served the Auto Manufacturing, Pharma, IT & ITES and currently  fulfil the role of Chief People Officer in a News Broadcast Media Company.  I had been a CONSUMER of knowledge from the Digital Media for long.  Now I wish to be a CREATOR of informative knowledge in the Digital Media.  I write, tweet @satyakki to sharing my reflections on Human Processes in Groups and Organisations. I see myself as a professional in the field of Management, particularly managing and developing Organisations through People Development.

A Professional Member of Indian Society for Applied Behavioural Science, my career revolves around my professional practice of developing people and organisations and I love it.  I have been doing this for the last 23 years and when I look inside me, I see myself to be blessed with the merit of getting along with individuals, according to their ways and characteristics and that helps me facilitate them to grow.  

People I have helped include my friends, colleagues, acquaintances, who have now taken up leadership roles as CXOs, Country Heads etc.  Some of these people have achieved more than they have ever thought about themselves.

Those who believe in me and have experienced my expertise, seek my help in Organization Development.  They have confidence in my ability to diagnose organizations and have shared with me that they have accomplished organizational results, following interventions that I recommended.  

I am particularly attracted to the ‘Unconscious Organizational Processes’ that operates beneath the visible surface of the organization and impacts the organizations’ effectiveness, but is neither visible and hence not acknowledged or dealt with.  My doctoral thesis is in this direction.

I have studied Business Management and have relevant certifications in the field of OD. I am a learning addict who wants to understand how people, groups or organisations work and I facilitate people and organisations to work better.  In the course of my professional journey, I have tried to familiarise myself with few cognitive-learning tools drawn from many disciplines of Applied Behavioural Sciences and Social Sciences.

The logo of my life is like that of ‘Glowing Candle’.  I hope to keep the candle glowing

                                                                                                                                      Satyakki Bhattacharjee

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